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The Columbia Science and Technology Law Review (STLR) deals with the exciting legal issues surrounding science and technology, including the Internet, biotechnology, nanotechnology and telecommunications law. Recent articles have discussed robust notice and informed consent in spyware legislation, the need for international regulation of nanotechnology, and the effect of a recent court decision on innovation in the pharmaceutical industry.

STLR publishes twice a year. We focus on quality over quantity, helping us achieve the #4 rank among all tech law journals in Washington and Lee Law Library’s ‘Impact Factor’ ranking. If you’d like to submit your article for consideration, please see our submissions page.

We’re a successful traditional law journal, but we’re also constantly looking to use technology and the Web to make our journal more relevant and more interesting. We were the first Columbia journal with a blog, publishing not just on our own site but also on top technology blogs like Gizmodo and Engadget. And we were the first Columbia journal to become formally Open Access, giving our authors the broadest possible exposure for their work by eliminating unnecessary barriers to readership.

Most of our staff members have a technical or scientific background, frequently as undergrads but sometimes with PhDs and work experience in relevant fields. We follow the traditional Columbia Law School procedures for journal admission. Interested students should visit our site in the spring for more information.

We can be contacted via email at s@stlr.org

Our mailing address is:

Science and Technology Law Review
c/o Columbia Law School
435 W. 116th St.
NY, NY 10025

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