What Makes STLR Different

No other journal at Columbia exclusively covers legal issues in science and technology. However, we are not only an IP journal – our interests range from the Internet, to biotechnology and nanotechnology, to telecommunications.  We often publish articles that explore the implications of technological advances on traditional legal fields such as contracts, evidence, and tax.  For example, this year’s articles have discussed the international law implications of autonomous military robots, and analyzed the types of legal problems that can be decided automatically by computer algorithms.  Technological change inevitably gives rise to unprecedented legal issues as our social institutions race to adapt. STLR will continue to be at the forefront of that discussion.

Adaptation to change is equally applicable to STLR itself.  We actively seek to redefine what it means to be a law journal in the digital world.  We are constantly improving, not only through innovative forms of scholarship, but also in our production processes.  This past year, we introduced a fully online production system that has minimized the administrative overhead involved in producing a journal.  This has allowed us to concentrate our efforts on efficiently delivering high quality scholarship to our audience.

If you are interested in participating in innovative forms of scholarship while still retaining the best of traditional journal work, then Volume XIV of STLR will be perfect for you.


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